Explosive Demonstrations

Live Action FX can provide demonstrations of explosives technology, materials and effects at our range in Kent (UK) or anywhere in the world for educations and entertainment purposes.

Stephen Miller has conducted explosive demonstrations for numerous television programmes and documentaries, as well as during lectures and presentations about explosives (see lectures/presentations page).

These demonstrations have included:

Channel Four – “Scrapheap Challenge”, appeared as an explosives expert to explain the difference between black powder and the more modern ‘cordite’ propellants, including a demonstration burn of each.

Channel Five – “Live with Chris Moyles”, interviewed as a fireworks expert, as it was approaching November, explained about the different categories of firework and fired various demonstrations both in the studio and on the roof of the building.

Discovery Channel – “The Ultimate Explosions”, In addition to being interviewed as a ‘talking head’, I provided the programme makers with a suite of demonstrations, including black powder – confined and unconfined, TNT – burning and impact resistance, ANFO – cratering charge.

BBC Radio Merseyside – “News”, commenting on the disturbing use of high powered firework by vandals to destroy property – cars, post boxes, phone boxes etc.

BBC, ITV, Sky, – Asked to comment on 7/7 London bombings, I was also asked to comment by The Times & Routers.

National Geographic – “Naked Science – Shock Wave” Provided various explosives demonstrations and explanations, both in the open and inside various   sheds so that the audience could appreciate the massive effect even a small amount of explosive can have on structures.

BBC 2 – “Victorian Pharmacy” demonstrating various pyrotechnic powders and how fireworks were manufacturer in Victorian Britain.

BBC 1 – “Casualty” was originally asked to provide technical advice on a bomb disposal sequence for the second episode of the Autumn 2010    series.  Ended up playing the part of the heroic bomb disposal operator who saves the life of one of the main characters.

Meridian TV/ITN – “Evening News” Demonstrating the function and effect of an L 109 Hand Grenade after an ex-soldier was found guilty of using one in an attempt to murder his wife.