Explosives Expert Witness

Stephen Miller has been listed in the directory of expert witnesses since 2001, as an expert in explosives use and misuse.Expert Witness

Stephen has produced written reports for numerous court cases involving explosives and has appeared in court at an expert witness.

An expert witness has a duty to the court, irrespective of which party is paying for their services. This duty involves giving unbiased testimony in a form that takes the technical complexities involved and present them so laymen can understand them. This allows judges and jury members to understand the issues and make their decisions accordingly.

The role of an expert witness usually involves analysis of the evidence, writing an appropriate report for the court and occasionally court appearances.

To date Stephen Miller has been an expert witness on explosives and explosions for many different cases some of which included:

  • Alleged Theft of Military Explosives
  • Terrorist Training Camps
  • Firework Injuries
  • Illegal Storage of Fireworks
  • Fatal Fire Resulting from Explosive Special Effects in a Feature Film
  • Military Anti-Personnel Mines
  • Household Gas Explosion
  • Accidental Explosion during the filming of a Television Programme